PJ20 Alpine 2011-09-03 Animal Record [BR]

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PJ20 Alpine 2011-09-03 Animal Record [BR]

Notapor alfonsico » Lun 22 Abr, 2013 18:58

No voy a buscar el hilo del enlace con la versión "Youtube" del primer concierto del Festival de 2011. Esta es la versión mejorada de esa primera fecha

Estoy bajando a 1,5MB/s con Ono 30MB. JamRiver es la bomba para estas novedades!!!
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http://www.jam-river.com/pjtorrent/torr ... hp?id=1493

Nombre: [03-09-2011] Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI, USA (Animal Projects Vers...
* Do Not Upload To Youtube Unless Your Footage was Used!!

* Do Not Buy Or Sell!

* Do Not Upload To Any Other Site Without Permission From AP..


Pearl Jam
Alpine Valley PJ20 Festival
Night 1

720 Bluray
Video: 720/1080 HD RAW files, filled in where needed with 720/1080 youtube rips
Audio: new version, cleaned up audience recording done by A.S...THANKS!!!!

Main Set: Release, Arms Aloft, Do The Evolution, Got Some, In My Tree, Faithful, Who You Are, Push Me Pull Me, Setting Forth, Not For You/(Improv), In The Moonlight, Deep, Help Help, Breath, Education, Once, State of Love and Trust, Better Man, Wasted Reprise, Life Wasted

Encore I: Rearviewmirror, Stardog Champion, Say Hello 2 Heaven, Reach Down, Hunger Strike, Love Reign O’er Me, Porch

Encore II: Kick Out The Jams

Check the Credits..We appreciate all whom donated there RAW footage...and the many people who shared the videos on youtube...

Youtube footage: we only use when raw source is unavailable or necessary..

Night 2 is still in the works, but will be worth the wait!

BURN IMAGE WITH IMGBURN.....If you cant do image files, unpack with winrar and watch opn PC or burn bluray folders

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