Who Ever Said

Letra: Eddie Vedder
Música: Eddie Vedder

Drowning in their dissertation
Random speaker in my mindYeah, they never stop their fortification
And blocking my precious time

You used to let it go and let it float away
You don’t get to speak with twice as much to say

It’s all in the delivery
Said the messager who is now dead
Was all on the periphery
I don’t see him but I heard what he said

Aw, sideways talk, poisoning our thoughts
Everyone walks and it’s no ones fault

Whoever said it’s all been said
Give up on satisfaction

Home is where.. The broken heart is
Home is where.. Every scar is

Blinking stars, beneath you roam
Room to tomb and cradle to grave
All the answers will be found
In the mistakes that we have made

One bad ear and one eye blind
It takes a village but don’t take mine

Living forward in a backwards town
I feed em drinks just to watch em drown

Swallow my pencil and bleed out my pen
Surrender the wish we’ll be together again

But I won’t give up… no, I won’t give up
On satisfaction… satisfaction

Pull myself aside on a sleepless night
Sadness blurs, I’m in need of a light
Out of balance, balance, balance this time
I’m feeling fading, calling as I’m falling out of sight

As the silence gets louder my heart gets pounding
And ventricles pumping, working overtime

Out freedom fraught with danger being circumscribed
A life cut short and circumcised

A rubble of commandments from the road, step aside
A rubble of commandments in the road, step aside

Whoever said it’s all been said
Give up on satisfaction

Whoever said it’s all been said
Gave up on satisfaction