Amongst The Waves

Artist: Pearl Jam
Composer: Pearl Jam
What used to be a house of cards
Has turned into a reservoir
Saved the tears that were waterfalling
Let’s go swim tonight, darling

& Once outside the undertow
Just you & me & nothing more
If not for love I would be drowning
I’ve seen it work both ways, but I am up

Riding high amongst the waves
I can feel Like I
Have a soul that has been saved
I can feel like I
Put away my early grave

Gotta say it now
Better loud
Than too late

Remember back the early days
When you were young & thus amazed
Suddenly the channel changed
The first time you saw blood

Cut to later, now you’re strong
You’ve bled yourself, the wounds are gone
It’s rare then where is nothing wrong
Survived & you’re amongst the fittest
Love ain’t love until you give it up

Riding hi amongst the waves
I can feel like I
Have a soul that has been saved
I can see the light
Coming through the clouds in rays

Gotta say it now
Better loud
than too late


Sobre el autor

Víctor D. S. G.
Cofundador de Estú a finales de 1999. Apasionado de la música rock en particular pero que no le hace ascos al folk, stoner, post-rock y cualquier otra variante. Instagram: @VitiSainz

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