Artista: Pearl Jam
Compositor: E. Vedder

There’s a girl on a ledge, who’s got nowhere to turn
Because all the love that she had was just wood that she burned
Now her life is on fire, it’s no one’s concern
She can blame the world…prey til dawn
But only love…can breakerfall
Yeah only love can breakerfall…fall

It’s like she’s lost her invitation to the party on earth
And she’s standing outside hating everyone here
Yeah she’s her own disease, crying to her doll
But only love…can breakerfall
Only love can breakerfall

Fall, breakerfall, love oh oh..
Can breakerfall
Ooh yeah only love can breakerfall…
Love, can breakerfall, fall…
Love, ooh can breakerfall..
Only love can breaker..


Sobre el autor

Víctor D. S. G.
Cofundador de Estú a finales de 1999. Apasionado de la música rock en particular pero que no le hace ascos al folk, stoner, post-rock y cualquier otra variante. Instagram: @VitiSainz

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